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A tool for automating differential cryptanalysis for cryptographic primitives.

Haraka v2 - efficient short-input hashing for post-quantum applications

Haraka - Efficient Short-Input Hashing for Post-Quantum Applications

Recently, many efficient cryptographic hash function design strategies have been explored, not least because of the SHA-3 competition. These designs are, almost exclusively, geared towards high performance on long inputs. However, various …

Troika: a ternary cryptographic hash function

Linear codes over finite fields are one of the most well-studied areas in coding theory. While codes over finite fields of characteristic two are of particular practical interest due to their good implementation properties, ternary codes have been …

Practical attacks on AES-like Cryptographic Hash Functions

Practical Attacks on AES-like Cryptographic Hash Functions

Despite the great interest in rebound attacks on AES-like hash functions since 2009, we report on a rather generic, albeit keyschedule-dependent, algorithmic improvement: A new message modification technique to extend the inbound phase, which even …

Differential Cryptanalysis of Keccak Variants

Differential Cryptanalysis of Keccak Variants

In October 2012, NIST has announced Keccak as the winner of the SHA-3 cryptographic hash function competition. Recently, at CT-RSA 2013, NIST brought up the idea to standardize Keccak variants with different parameters than those submitted to the …

Cryptanalysis of a SHA-3 Candidate

Practical attacks on the Maelstrom-0 compression function